Monday, March 23, 2015

Windows 10 Build 10014 install.wim leaked - contains Project Spartan - exclusive Screenshots

Windows 10 build 10014 leaked today and it includes Project Spartan, Microsofts new, fast and slim browser. We have been able to take some exclusive Screenshots:

I have posted a tutorial on how to install this build at the bottom of this post.

Main Screen:

Search option & Reading List

Options Menu


Favorites-Bar activated:

How to install this build in virtual environments (VMWare Workstation, ESXi, Virtualbox, Hyper-V etc.):

Things needed:
- Windows 8.1 Setup iso image
- WAIK Tools ( so you do not need to install the full WAIK toolset.
- ISO Creator (
- Windows 10 build 10014 install.wim image file
- Some Virtual environment

- Run WAIK Tools and download WAIK Tools for Windows 8.1, copy them (imagex.exe etc.) to e.g. c:\downloads\wim
- Copy Windows 10 build 10014 install.wim image to c:\downloads\wim
- Run ISO Creator and create a new ISO that contains the contents of c:\downloads\wim
- Create a new VM capable of running Windows 10 with a hdd of at least 20 gigs and two CD-Rom drives.
- Mount Windows 8.1 Setup in CD Drive 1 and the new custom ISO in Drive 2
- Boot Windows 8.1 Setup choose repair options, advanced -> command line.

-Run Diskpart to set up the hdd:
select disk 0
create partition primary
format quick fs=ntfs label="Win"
assign letter=c

Change to CD-Drive 2 - (e.g. e: is CD-Drive 2, c: is our new Windows partition) and apply our install.wim image to our C-Drive
Imagex /apply e:\install.wim 1 c:
bcdboot c:\Windows /s c:

Reboot the VM and 10014 OOBE should start.

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