Thursday, June 11, 2015

Fix ACPI sleep/hibernation issue on Macbook in Windows 10 (bug)

 Fix Sleep/Hibernation Problem/Bug in Windows 10

Whenever I put my Macbook into sleep it would wake up after about 3 hours with the reason "S4 Doze To Hibernation" in the event viewer, although it was never set to go into hibernation and should stay in sleep mode. Hibernation is completely disabled in any of the settings.

I have been able to fix this problem by going to settings -> power and sleep -> additional power settings -> change plan settings -> change advanced power settings, then disable "allow wake timers" in the sleep menu.

Right now this seems to be the only solution to the problem - as the computer is not able or still has a Windows 10 bug to go back to sleep instead of hibernation.

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