Sunday, June 21, 2015

How to install Intel HD Graphics Drivers in Windows 10

How to install Intel HD Graphics Drivers in Windows 10

If you tried to install Intel HD Graphics Drivers in Windows 10 you may have noticed that it doesn't work as there is currently no official driver for Windows 10 to download from Intel's download center. This may result in the Intel Graphics Tray options menu no working (igfxTray.exe).

Here is how to install those downloaded Drivers for Windows 8.1 in Windows 10 - which may be useful if you want to be able to use the Intel Control Center to change some settings for your GPU.

1. Download latest official Intel HD Graphics Drivers from

2. Extract the drivers and find the file: igdlh64.inf. Open the file and scroll down to section that says “Windows 8.1 Install” and then change “NTamd64.6.3″ to “NTamd64.6.4“. This will enable drivers to be installed to Windows 10 “Threshold”.

3. Delete the file in the same directory.

Now that you altered this file, this broke the signature of the drivers, so it can no longer be installed as is, since drivers need to be digitally signed to be installed.
To bypass this check, you need to boot with the integrity check disabled. Go to Settings > Update & Recovery > Advanced Startup and click restart now. Follow the instructions there to change startup behavior and disable integrity check (F7).

This will restart the computer with integrity check disabled once, so you don’t need to change this back. Once it’s back up, go to Device Manager, and select Intel HD graphics and open it’s properties. Select Driver tab, and click on Update Driver > Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer > Have Disk and select the inf file you modified before.

Pick the .inf file for your Intel chip and it will install the drivers.

5. Enjoy!

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