Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ubuntu Linux coming to Windows 10 natively (bash, ssh, git etc. etc.)

Wow! Soon Windows Insiders will be able to run linux binaries natively on Windows 10!

Microsoft Devs are doing a lot of great work! They are working on a Linux Usermode that is currently running an Ubuntu Image.

This allows you to run tools like Bash, SSH, Git, Rsync and probably most of the linux binaries from the ubuntu repositories. You will be able to use the official Ubuntu repositories and install applications with Aptitude - just like you are used to in ubuntu!

Running web servers is also possible as the Linux Usermode also accesses your windows network stack, but that is not the proposed use for the linux mode right now.

The best thing is, there is NO VM or Emulator running the linux kernel.

The Linux User Mode is running on top of what Microsoft calls "Windows Subsystem for Linux" inside the Windows Kernel.
The subsystem "translates" linux systemcalls for the Windows Kernel - and thats exactly why you can then run native linux ELF binaries in Windows.

The Windows Devs are published a great demo video:

This amazing feature is coming to Windows Insider builds very soon and I really can't wait to try out what's working and what's not -

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